CyberScan Session


Have you ever wanted to ask your body exactly where it is “off” and exactly what it needs? Most conventional lab testing looks just at the blood. Yet we can go beyond that with the Cyberscan Biofeedback System. This mind-body system will empower you to make critical lifestyle changes that will result in better health, physically and emotionally. The sessions give a rapid and noninvasive health assessment with an immediate individualized balancing plan biologically matched to you.

How does the Cyberscan work?

The Cyberscan system quickly scans the morphogenetic energy fields of a person, determines where the stressors are, and creates a 100% natural solution that communicates with the immune system to detect and address those imbalances. We can either scan you in our office – it takes 10 seconds – or you can send us a hair sample to scan. The scan works exclusively with your immune system. The immune system exists to protect and defend us from all kinds of illnesses, even cells that have degenerated and can eventually turn into tumors and cancer. Why is it that we, despite continual improvements in medical care and exercise, find ourselves more and more falling victim to chronic and degenerative conditions? In our experience, an immune system is disturbed when it is exposed to radiation, electromagnetic fields, chemicals, pesticides/herbicides, hormones, emotional stress, a high sugar diet, or other negative influences. This is today’s complicated world. The immune system becomes like a blindfolded boxer: strong, but blind! Cyberscan restores its sight.

What is measured with this biofeedback system?

Flat Tesla coils (developed by Nikola Tesla, the father of scalar energy) are located in the scanning device. These coils reduce electrical and magnetic fields to zero, thus reducing any interference that could influence the testing. These coils have the property to transmit energy wirelessly as scalar information. When you place your hand on the device to be scanned, no electric current goes through your body. We measure the energy field around your body’s 80 trillon+ cells to determine whether your immune system is subject to disturbances.

What is the science behind this biofeedback system?

The Virtual Interactive Biofield Analyzer (VIBA) facilitates the automatic analysis. The algorithm of the VIBA is based on the PEAR Program (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research.) After 10 years of intensive research, PEAR succeeded in proving interdependency between human consciousness and biofeedback technology.

The Cyberscan system helps to support and balance the immune system to reduce stress that may be caused by:

  • Viruses, bacteria, parasites, mycology, Lyme microbes
  • Hormone imbalances and metabolism dysfunctions
  • Biochemical pathways, mitochondrial dysfunctions, epigenetic changes
  • Nutritional imbalances, high sugar diet, gut dysfunction, food sensitivities
  • Electromagnetic fields,  geopathic stress, radiation
  • Chemicals, pesticides/herbicides, environmental toxins
  • Heavy metals
  • Psyche: emotional and mental stress

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease.