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It now appears certain that soon a single all-natural injection can turn on a telomere gene and reverse our aging!

This is just one of the 14 exciting presentations that I just listened to over the past 12 days from Regain your Brain!

This  presentation Dr. Michael Fossil was free yesterday and was the final one of the 14  free presentations presented by Regains Your Brain over the past 12 days!  

I had suggested to all  4000 of you former FACT members that they sign up for this world premiere of regain your brain. I knew these outstanding presentations were vital for all practitioners because they presented the latest brain health developments to prevent the onset of dementia and restore brain health through optimal performance, and there were agreed with me that Alzheimer’s is preventable and reversible!

The presenters began the 14 days with Day one, their master plan to reverse memory loss and regain your brain with Lee Euler and Peggy Sarlin on September 21

Then they proceeded on day 2 with Dr. Dale Bredesen to identify and reverse the three primary forms of dementia.

Next they had Dr. Daniel Amen on the topic how to make your brain better even when you’ve been bad to it.

Next they had Dr. Michael Breus cover how to get smarter think faster and remember more by working with your buddies internal clock.

The next day (5)  they covered your toxic brain: how to test for and treat the metals, molds, and toxins that are erasing your memory by Dr. Mary Kay Ross

Then on day six they had Dr. Pamela Smith discuss what you must know about how to stop memory loss.

The next day covered the ketogenic superfood that reverses memory loss, tames blood sugar, and slashes information by Dr. Mary Newport.

The next day they discussed by Dr. Joseph maroon being overwhelmed overworked and overstressed: preserving the body and mind of the caregiver. Next was repair and reverse degenerative brain disease through neural plasticity with Dr. Norman Doidge

The next day was tune of your brain to think and feel better the SHINE protocol for memory by Dr. Jacob Tietelbaum and

Next was Dr. Shari Caplan presenting three people who regained their brain through functional protocols. Next was a second chance for a better brain with Dr. David from

In the final day by Dr. Michael Fossel MD PhD from Stanford entitled the immortal brain: new frontiers in genetic expression!

I have had the privilege of hearing all of these presentations and listened to the last one twice! 

No one can hope to practice the most advanced form of medical care without this information.  Lee Euler has done a major service to mankind because the total effect of this information is that now everyone has the needed information to really optimize their health and since Dr. Fossel believes that within three years people will be able to receive an injection that will change our genetic expression and dramatically increase our production of telomerase!   

This would lead to us possibly becoming 20 to 40 years younger and possibly needing such an injection every five years but clearly this suggests that everyone needs an owner’s manual now so they know more about optimizing their health today since this injection will be available for lease three years the way things now look

Fortunately all of this exciting information has been videotaped and transcribed and summarized and condensed it is available in a new book regain your brain and another booklet entitled best ideas from these presentations and a comprehensive guide to brain health supplements.  We can use energy testing like Cyberscan to select from these various suggestions so that we can deal with delivering optimal care until the telomerase treatment becomes available and we all become much younger so these suggestions for optimizing health could start to become less vital

Please understand at least 50% of people by age 80 will have Alzheimer’s disease so the information in these presentations needs to be digested and implemented since there is not been a heart attack or stroke reported in the over 20 years since EDD and BAM and bioenergy C have been available!   everyone needs to digest and implement the important information delivered in these powerful presentations to over 2 million viewers!

Once you understand aging is now optional then all of this information becomes essential for anyone wanting to practice not just antiaging medicine but any truly advanced form of medicine since any disease is now manageable but the approach for each patient can be quite different! 

I highly recommend you obtain a copy of these presentations if you wish to become an expert on anti-aging or Alzheimer’s and you too can start to feel better and function better.   I can help you with the Cyberscan test but you do not want to miss owning the complete package of these 14 presentations which they initially offered at half-price ($189.00) which includes complete audio and videotapes and a new book “Regain your Brain” Along with a comprehensive guide to brain health supplements and a booklet with the best ideas from the   regain your brain lectures. Please know I fully endorse the content in these presentations and hope you Take advantage of their 50 %discount through today.

 Once you see how this information can help you, you will never willingly go without these powerful supporting materials that show just how inadequate our current approaches to optimizing our patient’s health really are!   

Of course I carefully listened to all of the presentations and but I know I need to hear them again as there is so much new information to absorb! 

I have a plan to save you time and expedite your ability to offer this new advanced form of healthcare.

I am placing a copy of my current Cyberscan reports on my website

! There is both a nutritional supplement report, where you see numbers that indicate whether the product is helpful or detrimental, with the best being +12. And then a second separate “pathology” report that indicates what health concerns my body is dealing with!

This advanced form of energy testing called Cyberscan has even diagnosed breast cancer and in another patient diagnosed ALS!  

These were patients I have never met or talked to!!  Cyberscan can revolutionize the practice of medicine helping us know much faster all that wrong with a patient and which treatments are going to work the best!

Cyberscan is CE tested and approved class11a medical device for both diagnosis and treatment.  It uses scientific discoveries initially developed for the international space programs but now further refined so that Cyberscan delivers a deep hyper- detailed diagnostic scan of the whole person. It forms the basis for personally designed, all-in-one, organic treatment. 

This cutting edge science helps avoid human error; it can best be likened to a simultaneous consultation with a dozen medical experts. Scans are returned from client DNA (hair sample) which produces information speaking directly to cells which represent the patient’s life field. This produces a unique, drug-free, personally tailored treatment based on DNA scan analysis. From what’s self healing, balancing, de-stressing, reinvigorating and regenerating. It always identifies out of balance and promotes harmonization of the whole self. Now that we understand that we can begin getting younger with a gene-based treatment that will become available soon, we all have time to really expand our knowledge and delve far deeper and of these exciting new concepts of life extension.

Once you have heard just one of these 14 presentations from regain your brain you will know there is so much more we all have to learn!

When you send me a teaspoonful containing as little as 12 to 20 pieces of 1 to 2 inch long hair from anywhere, not necessarily close to the body, in a plastic bag which anyone can handle after you have placed your hair sample in that bag I do not want to pick up other people’s energy so you must be the only one handling the hair until it’s in the plastic sandwich bag or some container containing blood or urine. I will generate a free of charge partial Cyberscan report indicating which supplements

Your body prefers and which it wants to avoid.  However there is so much information available with a Cyberscan from your sample that you may choose to pay $150 to heavily interpret what I’ve learned from your report! Of course, if you want me to test specifically 3 supplements or drugs you are now taking, there will be an extra $50 charge for that!

I do charge $300 per hour for a regular consultation, but free I just email you a copy of your Cyberscan supplement report so you can see how amazingly thoughtful I longevity plus products test and most people with the new life is line of products like glutathione vitamin C curcumin coenzyme Q vitamin D magnesium testing extremely positive on virtually everyone and being so powerful that we bring people back when they’re given up even if they can’t get intravenous 100 grams vitamin C infusions which of course help almost everyone 

I will include for $150 a 15 minute recorded discussion limited to interpreting what your Cyberscan report has shown me and my suggestions for improving your health, but to go beyond interpreting your report in a 15 minute timeframe will require my doing a regular consultation where I go over all your other medical records to optimize what I can do for you .

But please understand you will never practice the same way again once you have really carefully listened to all of these 14 presentations and from this point on you must become more than a doctor but a health educator for all of those you see since it now is clear we don’t need to age but none of us have an owner’s manual with anywhere near the information you will start to obtain from these 14 presentations 

Once you understand we will soon be able to provide a lesson 5 mL injection that will last for over five years we have since we are soon going to be reversing aging with a single shot that turns on our gene to activate telomerase!

Until now we all believed that 120 years was our maximum possible lifespan and we would be getting pretty that will turn on the gene needed to activate telomerase

Now the many things that many patients were willing to live with because they assumed they were soon going to get old and die suddenly become more interesting to deal with and solve! Now since we’re living on a poisoned planet taking Dr. Gordon’s oral chelation(EDD) which can’t be taken without replacing minerals with his BAM and trying to live without both his new life is own vitamin C and is bioenergy C is allowing the body to needlessly age between now and when the new telomerase based gene therapy becomes available!  Everything is truly dramatically changed since Dr. Michael Fossel as already shown in animals we can turn on telomerase with this injection that will soon be going into human trials! This is not pie-in-the-sky!

But since that shot is not here yet, it behooves you to learn from these powerful 14 presentations and in the interest of saving time, maybe also learn how a Cyberscan test can help you identify where your patient will get the largest bank for the buck so we help everyone stay in the best possible health until we can all receive this new exciting gene-based telomerase activating therapy, possibly getting in as soon as 3-4 years.

This will make us possibly 20 and 30 years younger and it won’t be so expensive to take everything we now must use to manage our health challenges because we will be ready younger.