Dear Colleague

Dear colleague,


You too can cure Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cancer and even help reverse the aging process!

Attached you will see pictures of my basal cell carcinoma is cured in less than 5 months!  You can do that for every patient, but it requires knowledge and the right products to meet that patients unique individual needs!  I have used some form energy medicine such as electrodermal testing for over 50 years.  America’s leading physicist Claude Swanson PhD explains in his book “Life Force” how what I am offering you is possible.  I routinely test several hundred substances so I can choose the products that offer the biggest benefit and even know in advance for certain if the patient will not only tolerate but actually be benefiting from taking the substance.

I am putting on my website the covers of several of the recent additions to my extensive alternative medicine library so you will know where you too can gain the knowledge to treat virtually every chronic disease more successfully than was ever possible before this.  For example, 12 days of free high-powered presentations on Alzheimer’s disease by some of our most recognized experts begins on Friday morning 9/21 which you can find on the Internet searching under Regain your brain!  The producer did one of these last year and it was seen by over 1,000,000 people, and a much larger audience is expected this year.  Since it is a multifactorial disease, there will be many partial solutions presented.  I can offer you Cyberscan testing developed on the international space station program and now has been refined into a program for the management of chronic disease!

I can use it to offer you my total program for reversing Alzheimer’s by Lee Euler and Peggy Sarlin!  Anyone watching the 12 days here with speakers like David Perlmutter whose amazing book grain brain helps explain there are many reasons that contribute to the disease and watching this 12 days should help over million people.  He is just one of the 12 amazing speakers lineup for this free of charge 12 days of education!  Other speakers include Daniel Amen MD, Dale Bredesen MD; Michael Bress Ph.D.; Sheri  Caplan MD; Norman Doidge and the ; Michael Fossel MD; Joseph Maroon MD; Mary Newport MD; Mary Kay Ross MD; Pamela Smith MD; Jacob T Teitelbaum MD

Please understand that with the knowledge these speakers will supply no one ever needs to develop this disease and it’s entirely treatable and there is no one answer because there are multiple causes!  I have been fortunate now that I’m 83 and having practiced alternative medicine for nearly 60 years now, with all those years allowing me to have the experience to develop my own protocols for any degenerative disease, but we can be a even more effective now with the assistance of the Cyberscan testing identifying superior supplement, foods or drugs, such as the advanced liposome process for glutathione curcumin vitamin C magnesium vitamin D and vitamin B12 coenzyme Q etc. I now use where my results compete with what I got for years with intravenous administration of these nutrients.  There are many no doubt useful liposome products on the market, but it happens this is made using sunflower seed oil from Bavaria from farmland that was never treated with chemicals.  Cyberscan testing shows this oil as potent healing properties even before the glutathione is added and no other liposome product tests this high.  That is important to know since Glenn Roth failed MD.  Former fellow at Harvard who was known 98 page book you want to own since it contains references publishes recently as 2017 and places like the Lancet!  It is easy for me having successfully helped patients for years and even improving my own memory to claim Alzheimer’s is curable.  I want to empower you to feel more confident so I’m putting on my website the titles of numerous recent publications that you won’t have time to review all of them but for example if you focused on cancer, you need to know about Doctor Stengler’ s 102 cancer reversing protocol!

I am able to offer you Cyberscan testing for the nutrients I now test will all be included along with my unique recommendations that go beyond protocols you will find in these books are for example Doctor Ross field has a couple of protocols where uses things like methylcobalamin 1 milligram; 5000 units of vitamin D 3 2000 milligrams fish oil; and of course with my unique Cyberscan testing I have very advanced recommendations that include my oral chelation EDD and my advanced powerful multiple daily supplement Bam and may even use different things like macadamia nut oil from Africa 200 milligrams of coenzyme Q 10;  melatonin ; eliminating simple carbohydrates and processed food and gluten while increasing the intake of fruit vegetables and wild fish; ;

Please understand that I have many other recommendations because I test for several hundred nutrients with the cyberscan and we focus on those that show the highest benefit for the patient.

For example Doctor Roth will as a different protocol where he might use 500 milligrams of Ashwagandha or 400 milligrams of turmeric or 250 milligrams of Bacopa 1 tablespoon of coconut oil twice a day and probiotics.  He is getting documented good results in their other 19 very useful references in his book which I hope to get because they’re very much up-to-date cover mushroom and nerve growth factor and even addresses the herpes simplex relation to Alzheimer’s.

I will not treat anyone without at least offering to contribute  my form of oral chelation: Essential Daily Defense (EDD) since The Tact study and my 50 years of experience with  EDTA has proven it not only makes everyone feel  better, but it is saving lives in  spite of being seriously under dosed in the Tact study.  EDD is the product that Doctor Lester Morrison spent 10,000,000 dollars at Loma Linda Medical Center and many years developing and writing about.  It is working as a blood thinner and there’s never been a reported heart attack or stroke in the over  20a years it has been available in anyone even on the “preventive”  or minimum dose which is 3 capsules twice a day, although “therapeutic” or treatment doses warrant twice that dose or more!

However since this is chelation which while taking out toxic metals like lead and Mercury inadvertently removes some useful minerals like zinc and since we all have deficiencies of essential minerals like magnesium and vitamin D etc. I have always required my patients to take oral chelation (EDD)  along with Beyond Any Multiple or BAM also 3 capsules twice a day minimum; note I personally take both of these for over 40 years never less than 3 – 3 times a day or even 12 capsules a day of each if I don’t feel well!  With all the advertising today on television about preventing platelet stickiness using drugs all of which will have side effects and considerable cost please understand this is based on 10,000,000 dollars of research to identify I heparin -like action from carrageenan from the ocean and EDTA makes heparin work like an injection!  This is when God helped me bring chelation to the world by helping me meet Doctor Morrison when EDTA was the only missing ingredient in his heart attack prevention formula he was trying to perfect since both his parents had died of heart attack or stroke and had his entire Loma Linda Medical Center working diligently on the formula that became EDD when he met me and added EDTA to his formula.  This is the magic that makes all my treatment for most patients far more effective by increasing their capillary circulation and keeping them alive by also preventing the clots that cause all heart attacks or strokes but we don’t have to guess which medication to use, since Cyberscan tells us if this is appropriate and useful and if not other choices can be made and it is always able to test any other nutrients and/or drugs that the patient is already on or interested in being tested on!

Please understand I will do an introduction to my protocol for reversing cancer very soon and I will suggest you consider acquiring the well referenced books CURED  by Rothfeld and one by  Doctor Mark Stengler called Cancer  Reversing Protocol which are well organized and referenced and require work you don’t have time to do from chelating colleagues of ours  who belong to ACAM but as the “father” of chelation   I can substantially  improve on these excellent protocols with the use of our cyberscan and my  oral chelation; bioenergy C;   EDD;  and our rectal suppositories of  EDTA and sunflower seed-based liposome glutathione vitamin C curcumin etc.. There are so many practical suggestions that those of us who been successfully treating patients with cancer for years like the need for a high intake of vitamin C even 50 to 100 gram intravenously but we can now get results with these more sophisticated liposome products and we never had anything like the results we get today with liposome glutathione and curcumin vitamin C using the sun our seed oil from land that was never sprayed but still it is wonderful whenever we can do a series of intravenous vitamin C treatments intravenous chelation intravenous Myer cocktail etc. but always the rest of the program is vital for example if they don’t eliminate sugar they seriously block recovery from virtually every chronic disease that vitamin C offers

there are many ways of addressing the autonomic nervous system to test the body response to nutrients and drugs clearly cyberscan is just a more sophisticated in that it can test 500 substances without having the patient in the office and even tell you if there’s a serious disease like ALS or breast cancer with metastasis that may not have been diagnosed but you’re getting the opportunity to provide early diagnosis on humans and their pets with the power that Cyberscan brings to the new form of personalized advanced alternative medicine that I have the privilege of practicing tomorrow’s medicine today.

I know many of you will not be comfortable with the rather advanced concepts I will be discussing without further documentation so I want to recommend that you look at my website and read how the pastoral medical Association in England uses Cyberscan and then begin to review covers of some of the books that I’ve already offered on our longevity plus website, but there are some books you must acquire depending on your particular focus in your practice.  For example if you chelate one patient a year I still actually beg you to acquire a hard copy of the 2015 book chelation by Doctor Kondrot!  The full title of which is “Top doctors share amazing stories about why you need chelation therapy and other vital detox methods to save your life.”  This 232 pages contain stories like to 17-month-old child who lost all speech in stock interacting with others and tell it tested his plan Mercury and found it elevated and realized that his mother had 3 amalgam fillings that apparently were contributing Mercury to his little body during the pregnancy and then he had 3 vaccinations which also contain some Mercury.  The good news is that the unique sunflower seed-based liposome glutathione and vitamin C products that longevity plus carries of proven to drop Mercury levels as much as 50 percent in the first month taking doses of nearly 1 teaspoon a day of these substances that do not take that and they even lower levels of bilirubin and creatinine in adults as we all improve with detoxification from these unique liposome products.  I make arrangements for this book to be available free of charge to every Doctor to really give a link out to your patients at the current time it still 9 dollars and 95 cents for a digital version from Amazon but it is to your interest to have a hard copies available to educate your loved ones, staff,   and potential future patients.  This book is so enlightening that is nearly malpractice to not read it and require your staff to study it!  I have written a proposed list of over 100 questions that are simply true false that you can give to your staff members to let them prove they have actually taken the time to digest this life saving information if there to be on your staff helping patients with chelation therapy!  Now that there is high level agreement that Alzheimer’s and these other chronic degenerative diseases are preventable and reversible and seems we should offer some serious detoxification to every patient we see and since high enough levels of vitamin C have been proven by Doctor Tom Levy and his book curing the incurable to cure virtually every disease and now that we can double the power of vitamin C by merely adding chelation and then double that again by making that into an effective liposome and double lead again by adding sunflower seed based liposomal glutathione!

There are many other book covers that have caught my attention that you will find our longevity website and since you will become increasingly comfortable treating the most complex medical conditions more you digest of this collection of books I’ve been fortunate to acquire, I now want to help market your newfound skills and I’m going to make some suggestions for your consideration.  One of our a cam colleagues is a former clinical fellow at Harvard and later was at Tufts and is now in full-time private practice and has an excellent staff to help market his skills please go to the Internet and search on the laurels first Alzheimer-reversing cocktail and you will find an interesting presentation you can listen to and loan but he reduces much of it to a 43 page document which he suggests will empower the patient to take control of their own health and their future he is very prolific and provides a monthly newsletter entitled nutritionandhealing and if anyone subscribes for around  37 dollars and he wishes to supply everyone with a free copy of this incredible 526 page nutritionandhealing cured anyone natural cures for cancer diabetes of members and more book where he shows you where to get the right kind of a vitamin G that is reversing aging based on research in Romania but most of the products sold today are fraudulent!

If you review his 43 page document which is free at that link you will learn that the government funded research project 9 out of 10 Alzheimer patients dramatically improved for at least 3 and half years and you are not hearing about it until now!  All it can be done at home.  Simply called the ICT protocol and the results are on whole different league.  Bringing back full brain function-memories, intelligence, quick thinking, even sense of humor…

Talking long-memories come back… The brain fog vanishing… Clear thinking returning…

This protocol is something you can do on your own at home, but I recommend you acquire some of the books you will see listed on my longevity plus website and listen to the free presentations  with regain your brain as we are also toxic with Harvard climbing at birth we already have 1000 times more lead than we had before the industrial age, so these success stories apply to everyone because  so few are  functioning optimally today, we all deserve some serious chelation based glutathione high dose liposome vitamin C detoxification.

What we are showing you today is that they have it all wrong Alzheimer’s is not due to plaque that’s only a late stage symptom of a much deeper problem which begins with the poisoning of our planet but produces starvation that even though we look well fed even overweight critical cells are not getting the nutrients and brain cells are the most susceptible begins with” brain fog” and soon I loved ones develop” senior moments” sometimes in as little as a few weeks it gets worse.  Forgetting names of old friends in the store confused so the need for constant care becomes increasingly obvious.

This ICT protocol which I have improved on is a super-nutrient “cocktail” to feed the starving brain cells which when combined with some sample dietary changes make sure you’re digesting and absorbing my suggested nutrients properly

To give you an example.  One of the ingredients in the protocol to is a type of healthy fats known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).  Most of us would think “healthy brain fats” or omega-3’s like fish oil.

I wrote my book the Omega-3 miracle the Icelandic longevity secret that offers super protection against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, premature aging, and deadly inflammation in 2004!  Was fats are good but they must be digested But amazingly  brain cells respond to MCT’s magically since it appears to be the only nutrients in the world that is absorbed directly magically into the bloodstream without being digested and all.

Once you begin to appreciate so much of what we have been taught about chronic degenerative diseases all wrong and everything is preventable and treatable you’ll see the value of acquiring at least some of the books that you will find on my website.

Since I have the intention of offering my Alzheimer’s protocol to any of your patients which is simple enough to seek and require for example the excellent hundred pages book by Doctor Glenn Rothfeld and I strongly urge everyone get a copy of this excellent highly informative current well referenced book!  As the “father” of chelation I bring a different perspective where no patient that I’m treating would go without some of my oral  and very likely some of  rectal chelation, and  my bioenergy C, and preferably also some liposome C as it gets intracellularly and were dealing here with starving cells

but all this cost money and we need to help patients prioritize and that’s where although hundred and 50 dollars up front for submitting a small amount hair from any part of the body for my Cyberscan analysis where I will test for over 500 substances to determine those that have the   biggest bang for the buck for that patient but in addition to that I am able to ascertain the potential for other diseases to be the true cause of the patient’s symptoms because as Doctor Rothfeld in the first chapter of his book how lovers is often misdiagnosed and amazingly enough as you learn when you go to my website and watch a presentation on Cyberscan I have even  accurately diagnosed breast cancer with metastasis and even someone with ALS in patients I never talked to or even saw.

Thus in my test panel are for their case.  They are encouraged to take a report to their doctor for additional discussion anyone submitting specimen of hair following my corrections will receive a printout similar to the one that is on my web site that is a sample of my report that will indicate how favorable any of the substances currently since everything will be a compromise since few of us can afford as many things as we might find testing favorably for our particular condition.  In addition, Anyone watching the 12 days on regaining your brain will no doubt come away impressed with one or more therapies I am not currently testing for and they are encouraged to acquire and then submit to me along with their hair whatever additional substances they deem worthy of determining the body’s response to.  I can return the submitted specimen if it’s expensive once I have had the required time on the computer to acquire its signal for testing purposes and there is a fee of 50 dollars for each of the first 3 substances submitted for testing purposes but since some people want to test many things are now taking we try to keep this reasonable and drop that fee to 25 dollars for each additional substance submitted whether it is for a drug, or supplement or food.

You will find there are many useful researchers writing about herbs and minerals that are showing promise for Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases.  Some of them like Doctor Micozzi MD PhD formerly a director at national Cancer Institute has written many books which are readily available on the Internet  here is an example and when you read useful information from confident researchers which areas, far too many of them first by a little of each and every one of their suggestions and go through a month or 2 to begin to get an idea if their suggestion is appropriate for you!

My extensive experience with Cyberscan allows me to confidently report back to you by simply having a sample of any material sent to me to be scanned into the computer which is a complex process that easily can take well over an hour but does not affect the simple which I can return to an orphaned but the signal I have scanned will permit me to state confidently what is the probability that this particular substance is going to be useful or not at this time in your life it may test well on that for people but if you not one of those were test well please see the time and money and don’t waste the opportunity since there are many substances that without question will test well and that is based on the science for all of us are loaded with pesticides and toxins and there are substances like glutathione that are going to be scientifically justified in almost every chronic degenerative disease and simply leaves the question how well does 1 on product work for you versus a different glutathione and I had the opportunity to test many of the liposome growth products with the cyberscan on that patients and I can state unequivocally that first to all the liposome process needs to be very advanced to avoid losing any of the healing potential of the glutathione and then the substances employed in making the glutathione product has to be not just organic but ideally from “clean” land which means are sprayed with pesticides and no chemicals have been applied!

Many suppliers claim their product is” clean” the cyberscan can as you will understand better if you take the time to research on the Internet the topic of Cyberscan which is taking my practice to a new level since I can know confidently and intense which products are really making a real for this patient and that helps them decide what to make certain they take without fail and since we can’t afford to take all potential supplements that may have some benefit for us we need help in making this critical decision and that means some form of energy testing.

If you search on the term Vega or Voll. these are alternative very useful methods of energy testing which have been around for many years and I have found them to be very useful but Cyberscan represented an inducement I like to testing becomes the sophistication of the computer program developed specifically to work with this instrument so that we can easily test with no loss of accuracy over 1000 substances on specimen of hair blood or course the actual patient and cyberscan is a plus 12 which is all and for what you probably will take it on is also I have specific contraindication however were not likely to find many tests all the lots of minus 12.  The is an additional benefit in that if the patient has some early cancer that they are not aware of the reading will spell out and find energetic disturbances that are suggestive of conditions such as breast cancer, ALS, resistant infection parasites neuralgia military heart disease, long-QT syndrome, bronchial carcinoma, HPV, Reiter’s disease, Candida, periodontal disease autoimmune disease , transverse myelitis  and since this program is used by thousands of practitioners around the world over 100,000 diseases software can pick of tendencies and alert the practitioner to the possibility that it is an Alzheimer’s at all but it’s really thyroid disease and so we start to focus on treating the real problem because of the additional input from this extremely sophisticated program that came out of the space station research and takes us to a new level of sophistication in helping improve the health of our patients.

There are so many useful herbs in the world that are not familiar to us but are able to be tested by the cyberscan and even foods for example kale test very positively as does CBD hemp oil or DMG 500 milligram or St. John’s Wort or tear and calculations liposomal glutathione tests well at 8 but Valimenta’ s liposomal glutathione made with Bavarian sunflower seed oil tests and a 12 so this kind of information helps the patient because one product may be twice as expensive as the other product and if the situation is very serious it may be worth the additional money because there are so many indicators supplements for any was fighting a serious chronic degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s that we simply cannot take all of potential supplements and have to settle for those we can afford and tolerate and assimilate!

I will include in the report I send on every patient the printout of the company hundred useful substances and next to the name of the substance will be a number 1 through 12 that indicates what part of the body the substance seems to be primarily affecting with 12 being more the mental and 1 through 4 more the physical body and a number which can be a minus 12 to plus 12 indicating the relative positive influence this product will have on a person having the electromagnetic field reading the software obtains from either the patient directly or the blood or hair specimen that is submitted

I will mention a few of these substances here like lithium Orotate poly MVA glucose support niacinamide coconut oil selenium vitamin C like PointCast and vitamin C /Lipoic Acid; Maca; sodium bicarbonate; Silymarin tea tree oil; adrenal cortex; calcium EDTA; magnesium, vitamin D or B complex iodine; fresh peaches; sesame seed oil.

This space technology, the cyberscan truly will empower every physician in the future who chooses to acquire this technology for their practice to test everything  with a degree of accuracy that is unbelievable until you are using this technology itself.  For example, my patient Doctor DS for many years as a Harvard trained cardiologist who came to me regarding his lymphoma over 10 years ago.  I wanted him to understand that this technology not only helps me in treating him but hoped he would see the potential for using Cyberscan in treating his patients since we kept them so healthy he is completely active in his cardiology practice.  I had him provide me a teaspoon of hair from 2 different patients that he is treating who I never met or even saw so I can hopefully interest him in this technology for his patients.  I was able to tell him a few hours after I received those samples of hair that one came from a patient with breast cancer with metastasis and the other had come from any patient with ALS.  He confirmed that those with the exact conditions his patients did have but never contacted me to request a supplement print out so he would know how to best treat these patients using the knowledge the cyberscan since it not only provides the diagnosis but identifies which treatment is most effective!  So it is sad that when space program provides knowledge that led to cyberscan, which overnight good move all patients and do more accurate diagnosis and more effective therapy!

There are so many exciting new developments in alternative medicine where I can confidently expect to cure cancer diabetes heart disease Alzheimer’s and virtually every chronic health condition!  We are blessed with amazingly effective alternative therapies but all too often they threaten the economic viability of existing mainstream therapies, so we can’t expect overnight change as powerful interests have too much control to permit substitution existing diabetic therapy and cholesterol lowering drugs like statins by powerful extremely effective but totally harmless  herbs like Berberis.

Many of The books I’m starting to list on my library section of my website to facilitate your selecting and acquiring some of them will be listed here and they are incredibly informative like the book CURED by Glenn Rothfeld and Doctor Mark Stengler’ s natural healing encyclopedia.  These both are nearly free as long as you by about 35 dollar annual subscription to a newsletter!  He also wrote another book called alternative therapies to treat and prevent cancer outside the box cancer therapies by Doctor Mark Stengler and Doctor Paul Anderson 355 pages written in 2018 with great references since we are going in my next presentation to make it clear that my cancer of my chin is dramatically and healed and we can do the same with all cancers today with and then he did knowledge and these books do a great deal to help doctors heal all cancer patients and with the power of the Cyberscan will be certain that the choices that are making for the patient are working and effect ve

however I’m attempting now to focus initially on Alzheimer’s let’s take Doctor Rothfeld’ s 2017 526 page book which has 58 pages on Alzheimer’s with the rest of the book covers in detail arthritis heart health diabetes and aging and cancer with powerful references!  But even the newer book on hidden causes of those hours and how to reverse cognitive decline with even newer references to empower you to tell your patients that no one needs to lose mental functioning but it requires some treatment.  Now the 12 days of free presentations by 14 experts beginning September 21 will probably cover some new ideas and no one has my over 50 years’ experience so I am seeing more dramatic and more rapid results that are described by anyone else because of my ability to match these exciting new liposome based therapies along with the therapies like BAM, EDD, rectal EDTA, 2 forms of vitamin C since liposome works intracellular but we still need the detoxing extracellular effect from less expensive other forms of vitamin C but no one their school and day without these therapies as we truly are on a poisoned planet and it is my belief that almost no one is operating optimally today without the benefits of detoxification supplements!

But you will find that Doctor Stengler with his expertise as a natural path and herbal medicine covers Alzheimer’s disease and memory in only 30 pages but you must understand that his expertise in natural medicine goes beyond thyroid and goes into our need for 5000 units of vitamin D and things like turmeric and rosemary   and Chinese club Moss or Citicoline was the will be vitamins like the 6 B12 or folic acid.  It’s not just in the supplements is an exercise or a dietary change.  Removing processed food and gluten and simple, and it’s an increasing the intake of food vessels and wild fish and looking at Doctor Rothfeld the need for testing and probiotics coconut oil twice a day melatonin and things like Bacopa and Ashwagandha in addition to fish oil tablets coenzyme Q electric toothbrush daily exercise melatonin pyridoxine 5 phosphate Methyl tetrahydrofolate and methyl cobalamin and zinc picolinate DHA and E PA, hormone replacement, coenzyme Q.

I will steer a few more substances which are being in some of them are dealing with causes which is what I like liposome glutathione liposome vitamin C with some are getting results for other reasons based on for example herbal activity found in a substance called Blueness

There are so many substances that are useful because we clearly can reverse human aging and increase the length of our telomeres and some of those who do more than just improve memory.  I will put many of these substances in to the over 500 substances Artie test for which include all of my recommended protocol substances so that when you submit a specimen of hair you will know and we tested you on many substances some of which you may have never heard of but again on your submitted hair specimen the more things I can test you for that will be on your print out so that you won’t have to later waste your money if you hear about something like tyrosine or theanine or gamma – amino butyric acid or alpha – GPC or phosphatidylserine or curcumin or incromega fish oil or E P A or DHA or Astaxanthin or reduced glutathione called Setria  or Extramel musk melon fruit concentrate or resveratrol or Vinpocetin .  Many useful substances like these have been put into a single commercially available product: brain boost to help prevent age-related memory decline and boost mood and energy.  I will list a few of the 13 substances found in their often sub therapeutic doses but combined apparently are providing benefits in some patients.  These include D M A E, Macuna Pruriens, Rhodiala rosea root extract, Citicoline, rosemary leaf, Gota Kola, Acetyl Carnitine, Bacopa, turmeric root, ginkgo biloba leaf, phosphatidylserine, dimethyl glycine, Huperzine A.

Curing the incurable

Exploring the healing properties of plants and how these plants have remedies for ailments is to help was thinking clearly in the brain and nervous system.  The day will come that many of us know more about raising these power approximate and spinach and pomegranate will become widely respected once we realize how many of today’s health challenges are the outcome of dangerous drugs like the statins that everyone needs to stop.  That is why I believe these books that I will mention here and because no one has a 50 plus years of motivated experience that I have thus and thus the opportunity to digest this information.  When you send a specimen of hair I will be able to send you a port on the over 1000 substances I’m already testing which will come to you with the minus plus number next to the substance.  The table, more doctors will have these devices and will help you get off drugs that almost always test negatively on the system and are helping to kill our population.  I can help anyone from the knowledge in these books without any testing but since we’re all in a hurry it’s nice to be able to prioritize and only take those substances our body really appreciates since we are all genetically different this will not be the same on everyone.  That is why with the power of individualizing my protocols based on Cyberscan testing I can tell everyone they will see and feel the difference within the first couple weeks whereas my colleagues without this ability to prioritize often have to increase patients to stay for a couple months before they even start to notice that these programs are working but it’s those patients who tried the data to let a state that all these diseases are preventable and curable.  Now that we know that we all want to do it quicker better faster and hopefully less expensively.

The next book I will mention is called the truth 310 hidden cures they hoped you’d never discover.  This is by Doctor Fred Pescatore and his website is

Since chelation is such a vital part of our advanced form of medical practice please plan to obtain chelation therapy by Doctor Edward C Kondrot MD.  Only by reading this can you hope to be getting the full benefit chelation offers all of us today.

The wisdom and healing power of all foods by Patrick Quillin PhD RD CNS- since the wrong foods 7 to the benefit of the supplements and the right foods dramatically enhance the benefits of supplements everyone needs to know that vitamin C by itself cures cancer when the patient is completely off sugar but otherwise 90 percent of the benefit is reduced.  Sugar is our enemy and it wrecked my teeth so I had all those feelings with Mercury and if it hadn’t been for chelation I would’ve died as a cripple by age 50

Curing the incurable Harvard cardiologist/attorney in makes it clear that vitamin C is the most cost-effective answers for many diseases.  Next came stop America’s number 1 killer and next came Primal panacea in 2011 showing how vitamin C helps us recover from cancer and is always neutralizing the toxins so I don’t dare go a day less than 2000 milligrams and 50 years ago Linus Pauling recommended I take 16,000 milligrams a day which I’ve tried to do because of diarrhea I had developed a new product bioenergy C that was better tolerated by myself and my patients.  Now we have liposome vitamin C that does things at 2000 milligrams that 16,000 really does because of impaired absorption unless it using the liposome form but nonetheless vitamin C you don’t absorbed does carry toxins out of the body but to get over a disease it’s best to use both forms liposome and something like ascorbate is more affordable for the larger dose but never go without the key small dose of 80 plus percent absorbed liposome vitamin C because that can as your cells the energy to do their work in spite of the toxic environment we find ourselves living in Doctor Levy’s next book is called death by calcium and it has proof of the toxic effects of dairy and calcium supplements  this is important because we all are living longer and we don’t like hardening of the arteries so all calcium supplements must be  neutralized by adequate magnesium supplementation

The secrets of underground medicine by Doctor Richard Gerhauser MD  2018 is another 320 page source of useful knowledge about which supplements which foods to take for which conditions

Life force, the scientific basis: breakthrough physics of energy medicine, healing, CHI, and quantum consciousness by Claude Swanson PhD one of the top physicists in our country educated in MIT and Princeton! Volume 2 is 690 pages but it is this knowledge provides you the needed information to understand how cyberscan can work and why you want to use PEMF and micro current and laser and heat as you develop your protocols for staying young and healthy.

Now that we know and astronauts was in space for a year and came back younger using telomere testing, it is important to begin to offer antiaging programs to patients who are not already sick.  Telomere testing is available to the public even without the help of Doctor and already in 2013 a Harvard trained PhD in biological anthropology went on to become an MD at Columbia University and has a Master’s in public health by the name of Ed Park wrote the book telomere time bombs defusing the terror of aging!  Please understand that since I am stating as our colleagues like Stengler and Rothfeld that all these chronic degenerative diseases are entirely preventable and treatable that we should take that knowledge and offer it to our patients who may not have any idea that they could measure the length of the telomere and follow on Cyberscan based nutritional support program and be younger on their test the next year!

Achieving results like I’m describing requires paying attention to the details!  I cannot emphasize to strongly I important changing everyone’s attitude toward fats in the diet because we been brainwashed with the nonsense of cholesterol which is helping us live longer and we need fats getting the right fats like coconut oil are not widely understood.  A book called the coconut oil miracle using nature’s elixir to lose weight 2 5 skin and hair prevent heart disease cancer and diabetes strengthen the immune system fifth edition by Bruce Fife  CN ND with over 50 great recipes and fully referenced with over 200,000 copies sold is something your patients need to be aware of.

Detox with oral chelation protecting yourself from lead and Mercury and other environmental toxins by Garry Gordon and David Jay Brown 265 pages a very important references and information since chelation is such an important part of the new medicine we now practice and the oral chelation that I have developed called EDD tests so well energetically on so many people.

Last resort cures 137 of histories healing secrets that work when modern medicine fails by Mark S Micozzi MD PhD written in 2018 is one of many books this former top NIH CDC director has written where he exposes the lies of mainstream medicine.

Some of his earlier books are available free of charge I have a couple of them on my web site  He is been director of integrative medicine for Thomas Jefferson medical center and hospital is contributions to your knowledge are entirely reliable and credible

You supply the proof of alternative medicine therapies and demanding mainstream medicine listen.  He was the first founding editor of the first journal on complementary and alternative medicine and edited and organized the first textbook fundamentals of governmental and integrative medicine in 1996 and is the author or editor of over 40 books

Cells, aging and human disease Michael B Fossil MD PhD with thousands of references documenting that not only is aging adjustable in our maximum lifespan with some degree the reversible including effective modification  of aging.

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G.F. Gordon  M.D. H.M.D.