Telomerase TA/65


Please understand that telomerase-based medicine has been available for many years and Longevity Plus has provided it to our doctors for years. I got involved years ago since I already am now already nearly 84 years old and have been on my version of age reversal medicine with my oral chelation Essential Daily Defense (EDD) and our Bioenergy C and products including our liposome C, Glutathione, Curcumin etc. for years but I failed to adequately educate everyone about telomerase based medicine or the amazing product TA-65 which has extensive documented science behind it and many of our longevity doctors have started using it years and many of their patients reported substantial benefits, sometimes in just a few improve! But until Dr Michael Fossel presented his exciting new research this week that we won’t have to plan to take TA-65 forever as he has evidence that a shot every year can upregulate a gene in our body and we start to make more telomerase ourselves! I think many of us will want to start this supplement that already is also showing it cures ALZHEIMER’s!

This is your opportunity to radically upgrade the care you provide your patients by learning this week-end from the “Regain your Brain” series of 14 to experts that we cannot just cure Alzheimer’s, and cure many of not most other diseases, but ALSO begin to help make all people younger! So now taking all the supplements I recommend to my patients is worthwhile as soon, this new gene-based treatment which may only require 1 injection every 5 years may enable us to live much longer by becoming younger!

I know that is a hard claim to believe because until now most people still mainly viewed me as mainly the “Father” of chelation, and since my initial lecturing around the world was largely focused on IV chelation, which only a few can afford, but now it is clear that oral chelation works and most would benefit greatly if they take it most of the time since it takes years to deal with our heavy metal toxicity!

Now that Dr Fossel shows us that we can really turn on a gene so our body makes more telomerase, and we can possibly not just live longer but also become 20+ or more years younger, so now we will all really need to learn everything about integrative medicine and learn to offer the most powerful, best documented, form of oral chelation EDD, (Essential Daily Defense) to every patient because it took Dr Lester Morrison, the head of Loma Linda Medical center over $10 million and years to get mucopolysaccharides from seaweed to look like heparin to the body and then by adding EDTA to WORK like heparin and prevent platelet stickiness, thus eliminating pathologic blood clots so in 20+ years there are NO reported strokes or heart attacks in anyone on Dr Gordon’s oral Chelation EDD! As I continue to be a role model for this new age reversal medicine, many more need to learn about how TA 65 is legal now and at $ 100 a month a worthwhile addition to any serious rejuvenation program.

Now when you listen to the FREE lecture by Dr Michael Fossel MD PhD from Stanford, Neurologist on the “IMMORTAL CELL” which is free through Monday the final one of 14 amazing presentations you can hear FREE a second time beginning October 5-7 going all day on the internet to anyone who goes to “REGAIN YOUR BRAIN” and scroll to the bottom since they played generally just one a day for the past 12 days beginning Sept 21- 14 talks which prove that Alzheimer’s is preventable and reversible but it is multifactorial and lab testing helps focus the treatment, thus getting better results faster! They videotaped and transcribed it all and supply it all as a package for $189. If you only listen to one of the 14 presentations, like Dr Fossel’s on telomerase REVERSING AGING, by a simple 3-5 cc subdural injection every 5 years, your entire outlook on life will change and you will never practice the same.

That presumably more potent INJECTABLE gene-based treatment may be available within 3 years so since it is believed it could last 5 years and does much more than just slow or stop aging but may make you 20-30 years younger!

That makes really taking optimal care of everyone NOW no matter how many supplements that requires or the cost so I am going to strongly recommend you’re getting the $189 REGAIN YOUR BRAIN package but realize that each of the 14 presentations has an expert with a book and website about their work and the quickest way to learn this telomerase based medicine is to get the book Telomere Timebombs by ED Park MD as he explains all about The all-natural plant-based Product TA 65 which Longevity Plus has supplied our doctor with and it was my failure to see this big picture with that caused me to not give it the prominence in my lectures it deserves since I have used CYBERSCAN successfully for years to find the Amazingly effective products Longevity Plus provides, as for example no other liposomes routinely test +12 on so many people, so we can help people with most diseases with glutathione and curcumin and liposomal c where I am now getting results like never before, so since as soon as 3 years one shot may seriously REVERSE our aging, many people may now want to really take advantage of everything Longevity offers and begin using ALL of the most advanced forms of Integrative Medicine we can provide these days, going well beyond just what our oral and rectal chelation can do when used with our advanced sunflower seed oil based liposome supplements which largely replace the need for intravenous administration of vitamin C for all serious illnesses when combined with my Bioenergy C and all our liposomal supplements but also adding energy based medicine, saunas, oxygen, supervised exercise etc.

Now we also use the power of Cyberscan to generate balancing energy drops we call EE drops because we all have far too many toxins to deal with individually but Cyberscan produces balancing signals in special saline clean water that works “homeopathically” to enhance our bodies ability to deal with all these unbalancing signals! We even put that energy into a card that can be placed near where we sleep. Anyone who wishes to optimize their bodies ability to deal with the hundreds of unbalancing signals we see on everyone’s Cyberscan pathology report that identifies stresses that may go back many years. This use of advanced physics is explained in the book LIFE FORCE by one of our leading physicists Clause Swanson PhD – MIT and simplified on the Cyberscan website, but since we all can now seriously plan on living far longer than 120, we have time to begin to really optimize our health with Cyberscan EE drops and energy card, like our credit card carries information that is readable by the right receiver, these EE drops and card generate balancing signals our body can read.

This is a new age since as once people read Dr Park’s book Telomere timebombs and then get the transcripts from the Regain your Brain series and read the 50 minute presentation by Dr Fossel and begin to digest the information in the other 13 presentations that can all be heard free this week-end then you will really move into delivering this far years more advanced medical care, and understand 120 is no longer the maximum life span, then all of their priorities in life will tend to change! Almost everyone tests very positively on the Cyberscan on TA 65. Once you understand it is all natural and like astragalus that has been widely respected for 1000’s of years I will send you your test result on several supplements and you will find some things may be positive at +12 but some can be negative -12, and a waste of time to take!

The report also picks up conditions we might have and that is not simple because until it is quite advanced, the tendency is only helpful to me when I look at the various supplements and try to work within the budget but influenced by pathologic tendencies showing up energetically. I even have seen ALS show up and breast cancer with metastasis which was exactly what those and patients had, and I never saw them but got their diagnosis just from their hair with this amazing technology which anyone can purchase the software for $30,000 and then get a powerful computer and then take courses to learn this space age computer application from the astronaut program My website will soon have pictures of my CURED basal cell cancer and the more things that test +12, that you can take for any condition the faster we heal and the more things that test negative for like sugar that you avoid or eliminate, the more we can help anyone with any condition! Now that you have the option of living much longer than we had all planned on until you listen to Dr Fossel’s talk about immortal cells, now we may all have time to pursue some of these exciting new ways to not only live longer but much BETTER than Before! I look forward to sharing some of what my over 50 years of practice has taught me and now with the tools like Cyberscan and the advances in knowledge like we will all receive again all day long the next 3 days on REGAIN YOUR BRAIN! Until Monday night please use this link

Sincerely G.F.Gordon M.D. H.M.D.

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